ALT Group Official



Date posted: January 13, 2023


  • Reviews and checks the accounting entries made by the Finance Officer related to check payments, cost center allocations and other postings
  • Reviews and checks the Purchase Journal Voucher (PJV) prepared by the Finance Officer for each supplier invoice or statement of account
  • Responsible for EFPS related to income tax
  • Reviews Check Voucher (CV) prepared by the Finance Officer for each payment or disbursement made for the purpose of correctness
  • Maintains lapsing schedules of all property and equipment, and intangible assets (mainly software) and computes for monthly depreciation and amortization
  • Records all JVs pertaining to adjustments, accruals, correcting entries to the General Journal Book, with prior approval from the Managing Directors
  • Performs monthly/quarterly closing of the books of accounts
  • Performs cost center and cost trend analyses in order to address incorrect postings and prepares the necessary adjusting and correcting entries as required
  • Proposes adjusting/correcting/accrual entries to the Managing Directors that will help the management attain correct and timely financial statements
  • Computes for all taxes related to income, fringe benefits, documentary stamp, etc. and discusses with the Managing Directors for approval and submission
  • Leads external audit and provides the necessary documents to auditors; together with the Managing Directors, coordinates, coordinates with and answers auditor’s queries; assists the Managing Directors on audit matters such as CAJEs and other entries necessary to finish the audit
  • Assists the Managing Directors in tax investigations and tax assessments; performs tax self-assessments every year end in order to make a reasonable estimate of exposures, if any
  • Assists the Managing Directors in making Accounting policies and making sure that it adheres to GAAP
  • Assists the Managing Directors in implementation of new controls to safeguard the company’s assets
  • Assists the Managing Directors in the implementation of process improvement initiatives which can help the company speed up processes such as reporting and to make relevant and timely financial reports


  • Candidate must be a Certified Public Accountant.
  • At least 4 years of relevant working experience
  • Required skills: general accounting, knowledge of all Philippine tax regulations, MS Office
  • Must be a team-player and is results-oriented
Interested applicants may send in their resume at