ALT Group Official



Date posted: March 18, 2024


  • Provide structural calculation documentations that include structural computer modelling, hand calculations, and finite element analysis satisfying structural requirements as per job specifications.
  • Coordinate with the designers all structural issues and provide solutions to address the issues.
  • Ensure that structural calculations documentation will be finished and be submitted within the required scheduled submissions due dates.
  • Coordinate the work with the Senior Façade Structural Engineer and ensure that all structural project requirements are properly addressed.
  • Generate RFI (Request for Information) documents to be issued to the Client to avoid incorrect information.
  • Ensure that all required deliverables are satisfactorily provided and submitted to the Client.
  • Prepare or review important correspondences prepared and coordinated by the design team in case of major or minor structural issues.
  • Review curtain wall specifications and ensure that all relevant and correct information pertaining to the project are properly incorporated.
  • Assist in entitlements and claims by identifying and substantiating the intended claims or variation orders.
  • Review drawings completed by the design Team before submissions.
  • Coordinate with the ALT Mechanical Engineers who performed the thermal performance calculations of the façade system. Take the lead to achieve timely submission of thermal calculations documentations (performed by the ALT Mechanical Engineers) to the Client.
  • Coordinate with or inform the Project Manager or Façade Senior Structural Engineer or Façade Designers of any problems that may arise while developing the system.
  • Coordinate with the Façade Senior Structural Engineer or with the individuals involved in the project such as Clients or Client Representative, SCSI design team members, etc. when requesting the necessary structural information needed during the phase of works.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.
  • At least 3 years and above experience in curtain wall industry.
  • Can do frame modelling using structural computer models.
  • Can do finite element analysis to investigate requirements for stresses, reaction loads, deflections, etc.
  • Be able to assess the correctness of the computer models.
  • Knowledgeable with Mathcad software.
  • Knowledgeable with Staadpro structural software.
  • Has good quality of work.
  • Understand the requirements of structural system design intent of the façade walls.
  • Knows how to manage the task of works assigned.
  • Can handle multiple tasks as required by the project and can handle pressure without supervision.
  • Has good communication skills (in English).
Interested applicants may send in their resume at