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Date posted: August 10, 2022


  • Analyzes, interprets and plans the most effective and cost-efficient way of meeting project specifications by considering: budget, schedule, personnel and technical project requirements
  • Identifies and responds appropriately to any issues that affect the project
  • Allocates cost for the project within the estimated budget, monitors budget to meet estimated cost and reviews re-estimates
  • Reviews shop and fabrication drawings to gain clarity and reviews drawings to ensure understanding and fulfillment of project specific requirements
  • Coordinates job sequence with the team to make sure work is completed in order and on time
  • Communicates job sequence with client, architect and project consultants to resolve possible issues or problems to encounter
  • Establishes and maintains project schedules and logs
  • Prepares/Revises/Completes project specific documentation: Drawing, Submittals, Reports etc.
  • Generates and distributes timely reports to Client, President and General Manager
  • Manages client schedule within established project requirements
  • Prepares and negotiates to minimize cost and scheduling impact
  • Communicates status and resolves any issues
  • Maintains knowledge of all internal and specific software programs to schedule, monitor, track and report on assigned projects
  • Ensures the proper setup of project schedule, monitors schedule and resolves any delays to ensure timely completion according to requirements
  • Makes regularly scheduled meetings to determine progress of the job, ensures all quality are being met and resolves any project related issues
  • Encourages feedback from the team to ensure quality and ongoing continuous improvement
  • Participates in various cross-functional project meetings including: Project Kickoff, Contract Review, Systems Design Review, Team Status and Post Mortem
  • Complies with project checklist of tasks to ensure departmental consistency in workflow from start to finish


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture or related field
  • Must have minimum of 8 years of management experience preferably in curtainwall and/or facade industry with experience in estimating, drafting, shop & architectural drawings (with emphasis on architectural metals and glazing/curtain walls)
  • Prior experience as a Project Manager is an advantage
  • Ability to identify problems, establish facts, collect data, draw valid conclusions and ensure problems are solved and do not reoccur
  • Capable of expressing thoughts, ideas and technical information and resolving conflicts Strong organization and communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ability to multi-task and meet tight deadline
  • Experienced in reading and analyzing construction and project management documents e.g., building plans and specifications, contracts, safety codes and budget sheets
  • Recognize basic engineering and architectural principles in structures
  • Manages projects and motivates individuals and teams to achieve
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