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ALT Attends the 2nd Annual Vertical Cities 2013

Date Posted: March 2013

With the available technology of today, the people have become more demanding and more ambitious. What people thought impossible before, could now be made possible with hard work and persistence. People want more, and will not settle for less. This is very visible in the big cities of today. The time for simple box-type buildings have passed and now we see a new generation of more bold and complex building designs that rise high above the rest. Most major cities in Asia have started to grow vertically, and the 2nd Annual Vertical Cities Conference aims to celebrate this new generation of buildings. The conference was held last March 6-8, 2013 in the beautiful city of Seoul, Korea, which was attended by ALT.

The event consisted of three simultaneous mini-conferences that talked about urban design, sustainability and the balance between modernity and culture-sensitivity of buildings. It also highlighted the great impact of rigid material selection and adoption of high-performance facade on the sustainability and efficiency of buildings.

ALT is pleased that the importance of curtain walls or shall we say “façades” are now being highlighted in building conferences such as this. ALT hopes to attend more conferences, which showcase the importance of high-performance façades and eco-friendly building designs—the strengths of ALT.