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“The Balancing Act of Curtainwall” by Joe Khoury

Date Posted: September 2014

CTBUH Shanghai 2014
Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism
September 15-19, 2014

Barely a couple of months ago, our Joe Khoury and the rest of the team working with him on his paper, “The Balancing Act of Curtainwall”, for the highly anticipated CTBUH Conference in Shanghai were all hectic and abuzz; working doubly hard to ensure not just the paper but more so the presentation would leave a distinctive mark on the audience. CTBUH Shanghai 2014The weeks of juggling between regular work demands and putting in extra time and dedication to come up with an engaging presentation paid off more than a hundredfold as our representatives Joe and Richard came back to Manila post-conference, all smiles and beaming with pride.

This is because, last September 18, at exactly 1:45pm, the Ping An Tower Room of the Jin Mao Conference Center was jam-packed as interested attendees jostled to have a spot in the hall. “It was fantastic.” Joe proclaimed of the turnout which he didn’t see coming. “I couldn’t take a good video or photo angle because the place was just too crowded with people eager to listen and ask our Joe questions about façade,” Richard proudly told us. The hall where Joe’s presentation was held was full to capacity as the attendees were literally rubbing each other’s elbows to partake of what Joe had to share on his expertise on curtainwall in relation to our work on the Ping-an Financial Center. The conference proved to be not only resources, but also time well spent as it paved another path for ALT to shine. We received a handful of requests and queries from clients old and new alike from all over Asia through the extensive network brought about by the success of Joe’s presentation which was truly heartwarming.

The concerted effort between our main contributors Mr. Richard Araw and Mr. Joe Khoury ably supported by GM Des Manlapaz, VP for Design Nancy Somera, VP Special Projects Butch Malabute and his team, Marketing Team, GM Andy Turnbull, Tony Zhang and Steve Strebel reinforces the notion that there is strength in numbers and that sharing of ideas and knowledge for a common goal always translate to immeasurable gratification personally and professionally. Hats off to ALT for exceeding expectations yet again, cheers!